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BTL Cellutone 

Among the curses of aging, besides developing wrinkles and sagging skin, is the inevitable cellulite. Although it does occur in men, cellulite primarily affects women. Cellulite is the formation of lumps or dimples in the skin. For many, it can be an unattractive quality that they wish to cover up and can develop considerable anxiety about. Although the cause of cellulite is currently unknown, it is believed to involve the interaction between the connective tissue in the layer that rests just below the skin, and the layer of fat that sits just below that layer. There are a few treatments available for ridding the body of cellulite and providing relief for the person who may be embarrassed about having it. One of those treatments is BTL Cellutone™.

One of the incredible perks about BTL Cellutone™ is that it is non-invasive, which means it is not only cost-effective compared to regular surgery, but it also has reduced, if even any, recovery time. The treatment is also great for people of any skin tone and of any age.

How BTL Cellutone™ works is that it uses targeted vibrations to remove some of the leading factors of cellulite. That means it increases blood flow supply where blood flow was restricted before. It also eliminates waste which has accumulated in the fat layer, which is pressing up against the other layer and forming cellulite on the skin. With its removal, this factor is also taken care of, and the cellulite is reduced. The mechanical vibrations help to promote microcirculation of the blood and improve oxygen supply in the area of treatment. These vibrations provide a strong stimulation and can reach deeper structures within the targeted area, meaning that it can affect those areas easier, which then requires fewer treatment sessions and faster results.

With this amazing treatment, patients can usually expect to see a reduction of cellulite in their skin, as well as an overall improvement of skin texture and tone. You can learn more by scheduling a consultation!